“I Mash Potatoes On My Face, What You Do Today?” – Irish Brian Kelly: Poet, Engineer, Landscaper, Lover

irish-brian-kelly_potatoesLife Artners Publishing is proud to release the debut book by Irish Brian Kelly! “I Mash Potatoes On My Face, What You Do Today?” is available now at Amazon in print and kindle versions.

““I Mash Potatoes On My Face, What You Do Today?” is the debut book by the internationally revered Poet, Engineer, Landscaper and Lover, Irish Brian Kelly. Haikus, short stories, monologues and poems reveals a mysterious 172 paged celtic-puzzle located deep inside of Irish Brian’s mind that only readers may be able to piece together from the remnants of Irish Brian’s mashed potatoes. Potatoes that you will most likely find mashed on his face still. Will Brian end up finding streets with no names? Can he move in mysterious ways to find whatever it is that he was looking for? What will we make of all of this? What is this? Is it an Irish romance? Celtic erotica? Gaelic drama? Scottish comedy? An Arabian mystery? What have we become? We don’t know. Can the lady who wore lemon help our hero, Irish Brian, figure all of this out for you, the reader? All of these questions are answered within. If they aren’t, it’s ok to mash a potato on your face.”

“I Mash Potatoes On My Face, What You Do Today?”
Irish Brian Kelly: Poet,Engineer, Landscaper, Lover
Copyright © 2015 Andy Whorehall, Under Exclusive License With Life Artners Publishing.

ISBN-13: 978-0692554616
ISBN-10: 0692554610

Written By Irish Brian Kelly
Published By Andy Whorehall and Life Artners
Transcribed, Edited, Created By Dave DeCastris and Andy Whorehall
Cover Artwork By Jesus Correa
Art Direction, Design, Layout By Andy Whorehall and Dave DeCastris
Additional Irish Bullshit By Bono, Edge, Larry, Adam, Saint Paladius
Executive Producers: Lord Thomas Derby and Johnny Emerald The IIIrd
Forewords By Jesus Correa, Eric Knoll, Jason “Mossy” Vaughn, Andy Whorehall, Dave DeCastris, Uncle Liam Kelly, Aunt Mammy Kelly, Lorenzo Bottums, Barkley, Sparky, Winslow, Gordon, Jay, Mark