Life Artners Announces “YOU$A™: The Life and Times of Lord Thomas Derby”


“YOU$A™: The Life and Times of Lord Thomas Derby,” CEO and LORD of ALL in the YOU$A™, will be published by Life Artners and available everywhere that books are sold in late 2016 / early 2017.

The venerable warrior and general who founded America’s last great advertising and marketing corporation, the WAL-MART OF ADVERTISING— DERBY | REYNOLDS, has written a romantic, vicious, and incredibly detailed love letter about his life to himself to be remembered by.  Especially to be remembered by those who loathe thy Lord Derby!

Derby’s war stories about the entire Northern Illinois region, its scumbags and peasants, are include along with patented details about inventive anti-marketing weapons he and his team developed—METAL PANTIES®—to defeat the little ponies.

It’s a thrilling, sprawling account of a post-National-recession war against peasant minds and scumbag behaviors which have permeated from the Rockford, Illinois area.  Derby’s life is marked by many family, friends, artists, scumbags, sales sluts, lovers, speedboats, Gorak and the 6th dimension, employees and enemies. All are included in this epic autobiography by our LORD and CEO of ALL in the YOU$A, Thomas Derby.